Dr Amber Michelle Hill

Amber’s academic background is focused on translational neuroscience, and her social impact background is focused on creative and digital strategies in healthcare to widen involvement and engagement of public to improve outcomes. Amber has co-designed and implemented research engagement events and communications programmes in the UK, Germany, the United States, China and Africa. Some of her more recent engagement events and communications work have featured in the Lancet Neurology and on media outlets such as BBC London and ITV London.  In the past 3 years, Amber has written, contributed to, and/or implemented the public involvement, engagement and communication strategies on several grants awarded – collectively totalling over £23 million. She has also developed strategies and content with some of the most cited and distinguished neuroscientists and industries in the world.


Translational Neuroscience

Amber enjoys translational neuroscience and improving the sustainability of research and development (R&D) industries and education. Translational neuroscience is a broad field, where Amber’s work includes research, medical devices, digital technology and healthcare innovation. Research: Amber holds a PhD in Biomedical Neuroscience from the University College London. Amber’s PhD was a translational neuroimaging and histology project focused on monitoring early biomarkers in multiple sclerosis using 9.4T magnetic resonance imaging, spectroscopy, and laboratory techniques. During this project, Amber developed a new neurological deficit scoring kit. Devices: As a spin-off from her PhD, Amber tested the commercialisation potential of a neurological deficit scoring kit, a pre-clinical device that she developed during her research, which she aims to bring to market in the future. Healthcare: Amber is also developing new software to shape future research developments for clinical trials to improve specific healthcare outcomes. She has recently developed and tested the technology and tools it uses with researchers, clinical staff, patients and public. The technology aims to help improve outcomes and widen access to research.


Social Impact

Amber has developed a niche for bridging neuroscience, creative strategies and technology to achieve positive outcomes in research and development. She aims to improve the lives of people affected by debilitating diseases, and healthcare more broadly. She is the founder of a nonprofit social enterprise called Movement for Hope (MfH). MfH collaboratively designs art-science engagement events that support neurology and people with brain and spinal illnesses. The organisation specialises in services dedicated to patient and public engagement, involvement and research communications. She has received several awards and honours for her research, engagement work, and business ideas. For more on this, please see Awards and Honours.

"Amber is an incredibly hard-working, dedicated and capable individual. She is not only creative and inspiring but knows how to translate innovative ideas and concepts into real-world projects that always deliver their aims and objectives. I have been involved in a long-term collaborative project with Amber and have always been impressed by the energy and effort she has dedicated to it. As such, I very much look forward to working with her for the foreseeable future, both on this project and others as they develop."

− Jennifer Pate, Director at Your Frontier; Project & Events Officer at UKERC Meeting Place, University of Oxford

"I have worked with many amazing professionals in my career, and Amber-Michelle Hill is among them. Amber is a caring, knowledgeable, and professional. She has shown a great deal of support for the Huntington's disease community, and her ability and desire to work with diverse populations are key. "

− James Valvano, International Operation Director at We Have A Face

"Amber has proven to be a bright, resourceful and innovative scientist who has an extensive knowledge of MS models"

− Professor Olga Ciccarelli, UCL Institute of Neurology, Department of Neuroinflammation

"It's rare to come across someone as passionate and competent as Amber Michelle.
During the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with her as a co-director at Movement for Hope, designing art-science projects and managing a team of volunteers.I was particularly impressed by Amber Michelle's ability to work successfully on the projects with Movement for Hope while finishing her PhD at UCL and working part-time at the Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre. Multi-tasking is an acquired ability for many people, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her.No matter how heavy the workload at Movement for Hope, she tries to make sure that everyone in our team of volunteers has a good work-life balance.As a team member or a leader, Amber Michelle earns my highest recommendation."

− Emma Biondetti, Director at Movement for Hope

updated 2018