I believe art is about authenticity – expressing who you are, what you experience, the ways that you are growing, and how you allow others into that space. I utilise my creative energy in each of my ventures, either in structure, marketing strategy, user interface, or tools.

When I have time, painting, in particular, quiets my mind and reminds me that my identity is not prescribed. One day I am a neuroscientist, and perhaps by night on that same day, I am a painter, a consultant, a dancer, a developer, a director, lover, friend, or daughter. Like all of us, I strive to be better at expressing my authenticity and embracing these so-called “renaissance woman” moments in hopes to have a positive impact. I believe that the significance of coexisting with our many “selves”, is finding our capacity for curiosity and being okay with living and expressing it. This is where we find our genius.

My paintings experiment with textures, patterns, and rapid brush strokes, combined with fine detail. In all of my art, I express opposing and complimentary merging elements that form “moments”, identity, and snapshots of life – sometimes grounded in humour, and other times serious introspection. I think it is important to honour that space between humour and introspection. It is our superpower.

A small sample of my paintings and creative work can be found below.


“Amber customised a triptych to jazz up my apartment. I love the colours and vibe they exude and especially how they capture the vibrancy of life that was so important for me to have.”

Dr Madeleine Katz 


The painting is inspired by two neurology research images and...

acrylic painting, titled ‘Forward’. 2017

The painting shows the back...


The Making of Seize the Day

Seize the Day was created and co-directed by Amber Michelle Hill and performed by Tanztheatre Adrian Look. This video shares behind the scenes interviews with the dancers and directors.

Art-science Director: Amber Michelle Hill
Artistic Director and Choreographer: Adrian Look
Dancers: Tanztheatre Adrian Look

A highlights video showing a compilation of several artists, researchers, and patient-advocates from Movement for Hope.

Post-editing: Amber Michelle Hill

I am Hope

Art-science Director: Amber Michelle Hill
Script: Amber Michelle Hill
Filming: Robert Evenden, Amber Michelle Hill
Dancer & Choreographer: Hayley-Jayne Rumble
Lighting: Robert Evenden
Post-editing: Robert Evenden
Music: Malcolm Marley
Venue Sponsor: University College London, Slade School of Fine Arts

Live for Today (Promo Video targeting breakdancers)

Concept: Amber Michelle Hill
Filming: Amber Michelle Hill, Movement for Hope footage; Robert Evenden, UK Bboy Championship-Movement for Hope footage; Bernard Bushnell, MND footage: See Steve’s Story
Post-editing: Amber Michelle Hill
Music: RedskyBerlin Consultant (Berlin Footage): Jascha Silbermann
MND advocate: Steve Evans
MS advocate: Chris D’Souza

Stencil Graffiti Meets Science

Graffiti and Science meet with Plotterroboter KEN and Charite Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Motor Neurone Disease (MND) experts team up to raise awareness for MS and MND using multimedia art.

Art-science Concept: Amber Michelle Hill
Director: Amber Michelle Hill
Film: Amber Michelle Hill
Post-editor: Robert Evenden
Featured artist: Plotbot KEN
Featured scientists: Prof. Dr. Friedemann Paul (MS research) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Meyer (MND research)

Copyshop, Tegeler Str. 29a, 13353 Berlin,for the stencil prints used in this film

Consultant: Jashca Silbermann

Chris (Interview)

Concept and Director: Amber Michelle Hill
Filming: Amber Michelle Hill and Jennifer Pate
Post-editing: Jennifer Pate
MS Advocate: Chris D’souza

Margo (Interview)

Concept and Director: Amber Michelle Hill
Filming: Amber Michelle Hill and Jennifer Pate
Post-editing: Jennifer Pate
MS Advocate: Margo M.

Meet Liam (Interview)

Filming: Amber Michelle Hill and Jennifer Pate
Post-editing: Jennifer Pate
Painter and artistic concept: Amber-Michelle Hill
MND Advocate: Liam Dyer

Paint Aware: Liam

Art-science Concept: Amber-Michelle Hill
Director: Amber-Michelle Hill
Filming: Amber Michelle Hill
Painter: Amber Michelle Hill
Science-writing: Amber Michelle Hill
Voice-over: Amber Michelle Hill
Post-editing: Jennifer Pate
MND Advocate: Liam Dwyer

I am currently raising funds for Movement for Hope, an organisation that designs art-science events to support neurology research and people disabled by neurological conditions.

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