Global Health Education Initiative

Education and Teaching Sessions On Neurological Diseases

I co-organised and ran several workshops and talks on neurological diseases. The sessions were designed to target young adults and children in primary, middle, and secondary schools, on behalf of Movement for Hope (MfH).

I taught science sessions both virtually via Skype and physically using MfH cross-disciplinary strategy. Each session had an evaluation component with before and after questions to assess the impact of the students’ learning. During this initiative, I had the opportunity to teach and raise¬†awareness of neurological conditions with over 3000 students. I also co-organised the science information for each education sessions held in Africa, China, and the United States. Three of the four education events were organised in slightly different ways, but all were creative and cross-disciplinary. I taught at three of the four sessions.

The first two events in Africa, I was present giving a physical talk and Q&A with MfH and partners at The African Neurological Disease Research Foundation, and arts partners at Awareness Through Dance, in two schools. The second event was taught virtually via skype to a classroom, and then a follow-on event to raise awareness was physically held with partners at the John Adams Volunteer Association. The last event I co-organised and it was run by Dr JiaFeng Feng in China with partners at the International Department of Chongqing No.1 Middle School.

The education sessions were very successful, yielding a 96% learning increase overall. Please see highlights below.

black and white photos above by Adam Illsley