Women of the World Mentoring

Mentoring Women and Young Girls


I was invited to briefly mentor young girls in their last year of secondary school for the Women of the World (WOW) Festival on the London Eye. WOW is a global festival of talks, workshops and performances celebrating women and girls. Many of the girls that I mentored on this occasion, were transitioning to college and narrowing down the subjects they were choosing to study. Most of their choices were not specific to STEM, and they were wondering about financing their education, what to expect and whether or not they were on the right track.


The following years I was invited back as a pop-up mentor for the WOW festival, where more mature women from all backgrounds and transitions could attend the mentoring sessions. The women I saw during these consecutive sessions were often at a crossroads between choices of career or exploring their identity in other ways. It was fantastic and I’d recommend the experience to anyone considering spending a bit of time sharing your knowledge with peers.


See some snapshots below from the experience: